It has been just over a month since the release of Winter. I still find myself recovering mentally and physically from the event. The months leading up to the concert were filled with rehearsals and show logistics. Quiet moments were few. The band gathered on March 10th to watch the concert video before the official release on the 11th. It was the first time since the concert that all of us were in the room together.

The next morning, I reflected on the evening and the group. As much as I missed being on stage, I realized what I missed most was spending time with these wonderful people. There is magic when people gather and create art. We each pour pieces of ourselves into the work and the result always exceeds what we could have done alone and what we ever imagined. The album and concert would not have sounded and looked as good without the band.

It is rare to find a group of people that you connect with on a deep level. We can go months without seeing or talking to each other, but the minute we gather, it is as if we were picking up a conversation we had yesterday. It is amazing to be able to create music with these people. We are critical of each other’s work and expect the best performance; not for any personal gain, but to deliver the best product collectively. We have each other’s backs, trust, respect, and love.

I miss the rehearsals and the time making music. I miss the banter, the jokes, the laughter. I miss the process of starting with chaos and working towards unity. I suppose the journey continues to be more important than the destination.

There are hours upon hours of rehearsal footage to watch and perhaps I will assemble behind the scenes footage to share.

If you have not watched the Winter Album release concert, it is available on YouTube.

The album, Winter, is available on all streaming platforms.

Idle Thoughts

It is often interesting to me that whenever I try to write, not much writing happens. However, the moments I am not trying to write is often when the writing begins. Hence the title of my post.

As creators we often get wrapped up in the business of the craft; we have to create our products.

What is difficult for me is that I create albums. I do not set out to create one song after another, I begin with a concept for an album and build the songs around the concept. Historically, when I complete an album, I begin writing a new one. The problem is that the next album is written. We even began to have rehearsals to prepare for the recording sessions a year ago. But then our realities were abruptly altered.

And so, I am in a holding pattern. Until the album is recorded and released, it is not really finished. At least not in my mind.

I do have a lot of content, however. Content from previous albums that need to be heard. I even have concert footage from the past two album releases that I need to finish uploading. There is work to be done; it just is not as exciting as writing songs.

Over the new few weeks, I will be updating my YouTube channel to include all the footage from the album release concerts for Entropy and Singularity. I also have a handful of random sketches of music that have not found a home yet.

Maybe creativity arrives in that sliver of a moment between being active and idle.

If we try too hard, perhaps we miss the moment. If we do not try, perhaps the moment never shows up.

I will let know what happens.

In the meantime, here is a sketch.